Two Smooth Band

The two of us play smooth jazz. Hence the name: Two Smooth Band. After years of playing in larger bands, we decided that a 2-man band, with a reduced footprint, would be better suited for smaller venues. To duplicate the sound of a full 5-piece combo, we created backing tracks to replace the other instruments. Our music is often described as easy-listening or background music. It is a perfect match for restaurants and wineries that have limited space and want their customers to be able to carry on conversations without having to yell across the table to be heard.


We enjoy melodic and rhythmic music. Our playlist reflects that passion. It contains a diverse collection, ranging from Latin-flavored songs to funk, reggae, and smooth jazz ballads. Our goal is to provide a product (live music) that is unique and appreciated. We have found that once a venue hears us, they want us back again and again. 


We play songs from artists like Acoustic Alchemy, The Rippingtons, Peter White, Chris Standring, La Vienta, and Santana. 

Two Smooth Band

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