Two Lions Band

The Two Lions Band was created to showcase the music of Mitchel Slade.  The experience has led to the culmination of a group of creative, unique, and thoughtful musicians.  The sounds of Gregory Allison, Matt Riney, and Justin Ciechoski continue to help elevate the timeless concepts, thoughtful lyrics and memorable grooves.  

‚ÄčIt has been said that Two Lions roam within us all. They're born to struggle, and it is up to us to unlock that inner conflict.  One represents goodness, bravery, joy, peace, humility, kindness, love empathy, trust, truth and faith.  the other embodies anger, jealousy, self-pity, lies, false-pride, resentment and hatred.  As the battle and choices of our lives confront us all; we choose which Lion to feed.

Two Lions Band

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