Twin Soles

Twin Soles are exactly that: two shoes of a pair, two voices that sing as one and two hearts that found each other. With Cory HervĂ© on vocals and guitar and Shawna HervĂ© on vocals and keys, this pair of love birds is coming strong from the heart of Sonoma County. Both raised in Sebastopol California, Cory was a singing student of Shawna's for many years before they recognized the nature of their connection. 

Sometimes their voices are separate and you hear them as solo performers and other times their voices are joined and you can hear the natural yin-yang balance of their union. Both are singers, songwriters, instrumentalists and have that undeniable chemistry that engages and captivates audiences of all musical tastes. They share a passion for singing American styles such as blues, jazz, soul, folk and some of their own originals.

Twin Soles

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