Trioligy plays jazz classics as well as originals

Kevin Johnson-keys: 

Kevin has been playing piano & composing for over 40 years. 

He received an AA in music from the College of San Mateo and has been playing professionally ever since. 

Kevin has performed jam based rock and R&B with the Gary Gates band and also had his own jazz trio with his mother Theresa on violin and brother, Earl on bass.  In the past, he`s been very blessed with the opportunity to have played with Benny Reitveld, Jason Lewis, John Worley and since moving to Marin, Terry Haggerty, Phil Lesh and most recently in the Marin Jazz Quartet with Derek Kudrow. 

Joe Pramik-drums: 

Born and raised in San Francisco, Joe Pramik has been playing music for over two decades. After touring the world as a jazz drummer Joe moved back to the bay area to continue his career as a music teacher, musician and producer. His sound has been heavily influenced by soul and hip hop music, but jazz will always be his home. 

Paul Aubert-bass: 

Paul Aubert is an accomplished classical bass player as well as accomplished in both jazz and rock. 

He was with the College of Marin community orchestra and also studied at the University Colorado at Boulder, school of music. 

He studied privately with local double bass teacher, Clarence Stephens as well as with Paul Erhard, professor of double bass from 2007-2010. 

Since then, he has played with the College of Marin jazz ensemble and most recently playing in local groups with notable musicians such as Judy Hall-keyboard, Shawkie Roth-Flute and Tenor Sax, Cote James-jazz guitar. Also in a quartet known as “For the Moment" as well as with Derek Kudrow and the Marin Jazz Quartet.


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