Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise

Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise are a country-tinged indie rock band from California. Pulling from strange dreams and games of chance, it’s all original all the time. Songs from the heart swirled with twang.

Until now, until this very second of this very moment, Tom Conneely has been waiting. Not necessarily for the stars to align, not even for his lucky break, but for the right confluence of songs, dreams and ideas to propel forward the inner machinations of his mind onto the stage and into the world. Formed amidst the dissolve and deluge of the past few years, Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise sprung to life after Tom himself returned to his native Bay Area in the summer of twenty twenty one. 

Having cut his teeth in bar bands and wide-eyed indie rock outfits for the better part of the last decade, the moment to step out under his own name made itself apparent. Coupled with a new sense of cosmic abandon, as well as the old reliable gnawing anxiety, songs emerged in quick succession that warranted a new band and a new lease on life; one more stab at, and this is a direct quote, “only thing I am remotely good at.” 

A head full of songs and inklings was work-shopped over the course of the coming months with longtime friends Jason Zucker and Alois Cerbu into the forthcoming debut “Cappuccino Springs,” a record that delves into the happenstance and games of chance that define our time on this earth. Its twelve songs spin tales of strange places and even stranger people, doused in twang and tuned with the seasoned touch of fine song craft. The sound itself reflects a lifetime of bluegrass and country with ears well-learned in the dark arts of indie rock, and is steeped in driving rhythm and graceful musicianship. Above all, the record is a cohesive testament to hope in a world so often lacking it, and to the promise of moving forward from the boggy iridescence of our pasts.

Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise

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