Tika & The Moonshines

Sweet Harmonies to the songs you know, and new ones you will fall in love with.

Tika and the Moonshines is a North Bay band led by Tika Moon.  They  tackle some of the most difficult and fun songs from the 1930’s to the present.  Tika & the Moonshines cover many popular songs in a variety of genres: Rock, Pop, County, Americana, Folk, Blues & Jazz. With powerhouse vocals and tight harmonies, Tika & the Moonshines bring you the songs you remember and love, along with many original songs. With such a huge variety of tunes, there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. Tika and the Moonshines have an authentic chemistry and joy that is apparent in all their performances. 

Tika Moon heads up the Moonshines on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. She is backed by some stellar musicians and an all around wonderful group of people.  Starting in November of 2022, Tika has added new performers and filled out the band to accommodate larger gigs with Alan Roter on lead guitar and vocals,  Liz Fanora on keys & vocals, Molly Larsen-Shine on vocals,  Tyler Crowley on drums, and Nappi Madrid on bass.  

Tika & The Moonshines

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