The Sons of Emperor Norton

On a hot day back in '98, El Hombre Furioso and Ulysses S. Balzac staggered into the Red Dog Saloon up in Virginia City, Nevada (The "Comstock", don't cha know). It was here they decided that their days of prospectin' and cowpokin' were over. They traded in their picks and shovels for geetars and commenced playin' a wagon load of ditties that reflected their own version of the Old and New West. Be it Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Gene Autry, Hank Williams, Duke Ellington, the Beatles, the theme from "Bonanza", or their own confounded originals, "The Sons of Emperor Norton" will make you feel like you rode into town on a saturday night with a saddlebag full of silver 'n gold...yee-haw!
The Sons of Emperor Norton

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