The Igniters

The Igniters are a Santa Rosa, California based rock band specializing in covering the hits from the 70’s and 80’s with a dash of contemporary tunes as well. Lead Vocalist Ken Reese’s soaring tenor is augmented by lush harmonies from the rest of the band. The twin guitar attack of Kevin Klemenok and Gary Mobley and supportive keyboards from Ken propel the top end of the Igniter’s sound, while the rhythm section of Geoffrey Clegg on bass and Jim DeBaca on drums drives the bottom end. Together, they create a strong and articulate sound that keeps audiences engaged and keeps the dance floor hoppin’.


Ken is a long time Sonoma County Vocalist, who has been in and out of the music scene since the late 80’s.  A chance friendship with fellow band mate Gary Mobley, they began to forge a great musical sound. Ken’s vocal range can match that of the songs of Journey but still belt out gravelly blues tunes..  Be prepared to have a rocking good time and be brought back to the music of your youth!


California native John Carroll is now rockin' with The Igniters. He brings over 30 years playing, writing, recording, and gigging experience to the band. Prior to joining “The Igniters”, John was playing with some of Maui’s finest rockers for several years, highlighted by the annual “Zeptember” tribute shows, which are legendary throughout the islands.  His monster guitar tone and style have been influenced by Jimmy Page, Ronnie Montrose, and Marty Friedman to name a few.  When John does not have a guitar in his hands, he can often be found riding the many scenic roads of Sonoma County on one of his Harleys.


I've been gitfiddlin in Sonoma County since 1989. Love, love LOVE Norcal ! My musical tastes are broad and each band I've been in I've met and played with other fine musicians who've helped shape me musically. Truly blessed to have worked with these people. Thank you. As far as gear goes, I dig strat and tele styled guitars and Fender and Marshall amps. Love to rock, love to croon. Looking forward to seeing you folks out there !


           As a drummer/musician I played in numerous bands thru the years, as well as many different styles of music. I'm excited to be with my fellow musicians in The Igniters. We have a lineup that works very well together and have the same goals. Doing classic rock, such as Van Halen, Journey, Aerosmith is some of my favorite music. I like to contribute not only to the rhythm section but like to add vocal harmonies as well. I think what attracts me to the classic rock is the high energy projected, and many of the rock ballads are very melodic with great harmonies.

Although I played drums for many years I look at being a musician and drummer as a journey, not a destination. I'm still learning my craft and learning from some of my favorite drummers such as Thomas Lang, Greg Bissonette, Akira Jimbo, Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers and a whole lot more. With so many great drummers out there learning is only limited by the amount of desire and perserverance one has. I believe that to continue working in bands, I not only need to play the drums but continue to study the art of drumming. I hope to see you at some of our gigs.

The Igniters

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