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The Deadlies bring a bright blast of sound evolving from the California surf scene and roadhouse honkytonks, and swing with free-wheelin’ references of the best of punk & rock – raw, real and FUN! Self-titled "The Deadlies" marks their fourth release. With recording assistance from legendary producer Jack Douglas and mixing done by Seattle's mix-master Tom Hall, listen and enjoy the fun, high energy anecdote to over-effected pop and cerebral metal doomdum.

The band features entertaining vocalist and rippin’ guitarist, James Patrick Regan, Napa Valley’s KVYN 99.3 FM “Good Morning, Bob!” radio host Bob St. Laurent grooving the Bass! The two rebrand the power-pop surf sound and are loaded for bear with chops and hooks making them the Deadli-est of Surf bands.

The Deadlies performed more than 100 dates last year, completed the 10th TV season on “Creepy KOFY Movietime” airing Saturday nights. They are the House Band on Sacramento ’s KMAX 31 TV show, The Car Czar and the official rink-side house band for Pro Rollerderby Team, the San Francisco Bay Bombers.

Key dates include tour support for Lisa Marie Presley, The Mavericks, Blue Oyster Cult, Greg Kihn, the B-52’s , Gary Hoey, Dick Dale, The Protomen and Big Bad VooDoo Daddy at renown venues including The Uptown, The Crystal Palace, The El Rey Theatre, Slim’s , BottleRock Festival, Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom and more.

The Deadlies have four CD releases: Jan 1, 2015 self-titled release "The Deadlies”, “The Deadlies Go To Nashville", "A Very Deadlies Christmas", and “Meet The Deadlies". Their music has been featured on ter-restrial and internet stations including Live 105, 107.7FM the Bone (San Francisco), 99.3FM KVYN (Napa), KFJC 89.7, KXRQ (98 ROCK) and 810AM KGO (San Francisco), WOBC 91.5 Big Surf Radio, KMAX Good Day Sacramento, Radio Free Bakersfield, WTUL New Orleans 91.5 Storm Surge of Reverb, North Sea Surf Radio, Southern Surf Stomp podcast, Fiberglass Jungle, KCR San Diego, A Day At the Beach and Anteno Zero.

The Deadlies

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