The Cork Pullers

The Cork Pullers is a Sonoma Valley institution. Often times a trio, delivering sweet guitar sounds and great harmonies. Sometimes a quintet (The Cork Puller Hefty Band) comprised of guys with varied musical backgrounds, yet a singular musical goal; creating good, fun, highly listenable music. Vocals and harmonies are the focus of the songs, which hail from Appalacia to Motown. Two acoustic guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, and the occasional mandolin fill in the instrumental duties. Smiles are the goal, dancing usually follows.

Bo O’Hara sings like a man-angel and thumps the bass. Steve Cohen rides the drum throne. Curtis Duff makes the steel guitar scream. Gary Halter provides sweet guitar work and vocals. Tim Curley adds vocals, guitars, mandolin, and socks.

The Cork Pullers

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