Tangled Up In Blue

Richard Sumberg - Guitar, Vocals

Richard is an accomplished musician and songwriter, related to the renowned composer Leonard Bernstein. Richard, who has rambled with Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Arlo Guthrie, and many more, is best known for his emulation of the essence of Bob Dylan. His cutting vocals and phrasing captures the essence of Bob profoundly...

Corey Jennings - Harmonica, Percussion

Corey is a master harmonica player and journeyman. His amazing talent and skill electrifies the audience (and the band). He has toured with many great artists, including John Lee Hooker Jr. .

Cree Morgan - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Cree has been playing bass with Richard and Corey for over a decade, and is known to enjoy long walks with his dogs. Cree enjoys playing folk, blues, traditional, and original music with deep conviction and a spirit of joy!

King Daddy Murr- Congas, Percussion

The King has played everywhere with everyone forever!!

Tangled Up In Blue

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