Sticky's Backyard

Stickyʼs Backyard has been playing together in various incarnations since their first show in Davidʼs Backyard in 1992. Formed in Davis California under the first name of Sunday Blue, local Marin county cousins, Luke O'Byrne, Julian Kwasneski spent their college years together writing music and performing in the local bars with drummer Eric Schroeder. It was during this time that they made the conscious decision to perform original music and not go the cover band route. After college the band relocated to Forestville and began performed in the Sonoma County, Marin and San Francisco playing to the local college scenes.

After a brief hiatus, the band re-grouped adding long time friend, Ted Meister on the bass while changing the name to Stickyʼs Backyard. From 1995 until 2009, the band played numerous shows together focusing a large part of their shows to raising awareness to cancer charities. In 2010 the bandʼs sound continued to evolve by adding long time band sound engineer, John Krause on rhythm guitar and Jason Berg on the keys. Leaning back on a song catalogue 80 strong, the band has played consistently in the bay area.

Stickyʼs Backyardʼs goal is to continue to develop itʼs fan base here in Marin Country by performing live shows that can exhibit the original progressive rock and roll that the band has been know for the past 19 years.
Sticky's Backyard

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