SourFlower is an alternative rock band blooming in the San Francisco Bay Area with roots in its diverse local scene. The quartet consists of lead vocalist + lyricist Christy 'Chemical' Schneider, lead guitarist Gabe Gunns, bassist Rafa 'Tré' Corral, and drummer Will Curtis.

SourFlower covers ROCK, POP and COUNTRY music hits primarily from the 2000s era, that will have you singing along!

SourFlower also writes original music that is described as melodic and edgy with driving guitar, soaring female lead vocals, and captivating harmonies. Their songs tend to gravitate towards deeper subject matter such as addiction, mental health, and coping with the everyday struggles of life. Debut single ‘Paranoia’ was recorded and produced by guitarist Gabe Gunns in Summer 2021, followed by Amnesia in the Fall. SourFlower can be heard on all major music streaming platforms!

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