Skitzo is a thrash metal band from Santa Rosa, California, United States. The band was formed in 1981 in Healdsburg, California, when Lance Ozanix and several other people joined together and called their band Venom. The name was later changed to Skitzo, after discovering that there is already a band with the same name.

The band's lead singer and songwriter, Lance Ozanix, vomits at the end of the band's performances so that the band can remain "recognizable". Ozanix can regurgitate his food and propel it 19 feet.

Ozanix appeared in an episode of Judge Judy when a woman, Sadie Luke, sued him for vomiting on her dress while Skitzo was performing at a club. Judge Judy believed that the vomiting was assault, because she was unaware that it was part of the act. Ozanix lost the case and had to pay $500 for damages as ruled by Judy.


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