Mike Weiss

A rock and roll bassist, turned beautiful, haunting songwriter. He’s got a lot to say. Just have a listen and he will capture your mind.

Erik Smyth

Erik has proven his mettle as an integral part of the Bay Area music scene over the years, as the guitarist of the wildly popular band: Mo’Fessionals, and beyond. Erik continues to push boundaries, and excite imaginative minds with wild abandon.

Dan Duffin

Dan has carved a name in history, as one of the best electric bassists ever. Upon hearing Mike Weiss’ songs, he has developed a visceral style of crunchy guitar playing that helps to define the driving sound of Mike’s music. 

JT John

JT plays the drums, and he plays the heck out of them! He’s a veteran musicologist, a trained graduate of Berklee School Of Music, and man of taste. JT uses those skills to bring the foundation and the essence of groove to the forefront.

Danny Uzilevsky

Danny is a guitarist/singer/songwriter of his own “Chrome Johnson” right, plays the bass in this group. A calling that rings true, in this band full of bassists. A true honor, among legends of Low End.


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