Ryan Bobbett

After completing two demo albums, Cold Coffee and Catharsis, I now spend most days in my musical sanctuary Barn Yard Studios, working on my first full-length album.  My newest material is an eclectic fusion of folk, blues, jazz, and hip hop.  It is full of beautiful harmonies and even more beautiful dissonances, just like life.


I recently began a new chapter in my life with my 100 gold star journey.  I decided to play 100 open mics and give myself a gold star for each one.  These stars go on my guitar as a reminder to myself of the journey before and ahead.  I had always wanted to start playing open mics on a regular basis as the obvious starting point on my journey to share my music with the world.  But procrastination is an insidious malady whose primary symptom is lack of self-realization.


After spending 20 years of not sharing my music with the world, I finally decided that now is the time to start doing just that.  It is my sincere hope that my music brings you as much joy as it does to me.

Ryan Bobbett

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