Rose Haze

ROSE HAZE is a progressive indie-soul-psych-rock symphonic band. “Rose” is a rolling stone with a vast songwriting style. Her music catalog tells stories of the lone traveler experiencing blissful highs and devastating lows while on the road to nowhere, somewhere, and anywhere set to mood-oriented sonic canvases.

She now resides in the San Francisco bay area and her musical coven is cultivating indie, groove, soul, psych-rock, symphonic music. Ruben Valdez Gonzales’ fuzzy textural guitar (which has been coined as “very My Bloody Valentine”) mixed in with Yoko Miyakawa’s metal violin creates a sonic wall of alt-rock shoegaze divinity. Raul Becerra’s deep funky bass tones compliment Eli Popuch’s clean driving pop rock drums so naturally giving the group a rock solid foundation. With Rose’s trippy organ leads, guitar flairs, and ethereal vocals floating on top, they create a unique sound that dances between all genres.

Rose Haze

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