Wago Howard    bass


Wago is from the Land of the Lizards by way of Nashville, Tennessee.  You may recognize him from commercials of yesteryear for products such as Fruit Loops, Bugle Boy Jeans, and Mikita Power Tools.  Before launching into child stardom, he was deported to the Land of the Lizards for wearing the wrong pants and things of that sort.  No one knows where Wago was before the commercials. 

Nick Marinakis    drums


Nick is from somewhere on the East Coast (probably Connecticut or Massachusetts, according to anyone who's ever met him).  Nick is a sea of zen amidst the chaos of the City.  Nick is the struggle, however Nick is not real.  Nick is probably necessary as every band needs cymbals.  And someone who hates pickles.

Pat Reilley    guitar


Pat hails from Chicago, home of the Bears and some modern Greeks.  He sometimes finds himself confused by the moon and oftentimes finds himself covered in donut crumbs.  Although their paths never actually crossed, Coach's obvious claim to fame is having lived 3 neighborhoods over from Jeff Tweedy for "more years than (he) can count."  

Ben Strub    keys


Ben is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and has been welcomed warmly by most US citizens.  Don't let his obvious Canadian exterior fool you though, Ben is not one to apologize for a slip of the tongue or a punch to the face.  Ben has enjoyed previous careers in Ultimate Frisbee and Australian Rules Football and sometimes eats too much sushi.  


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