Natasha Jane Julian

Taking inspiration from confessional art-rock, trip-hop, and film soundtracks, California native & International touring artist Natasha Jane Julian creates moody yet melodic Pop songs. Think of a hybrid of Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, Kate Bush and Sia and you’ll be half way there.


The sun-baked dreaminess of the Golden State sound is a sign the artist is right back in her home state of California after spending 3 years living in Europe. But the multifaceted singer and her international travelogue has left its traces on her mixes.


The lyrical content of her music is that of substance and sophistication writing songs with provocative, thoughtful lyrics. With her signature sultry, smooth, atmospherically inclined vocal, she exposes the holes in humanity in a beautiful, and sometimes haunting way. Natasha has carved out her own space in the music industry winning the hearts of fans by creating music with a driving passion and refined sensibility to it.

Natasha Jane Julian

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