Mick Martin

Martin is a bona fide blues fixture. He has sat on his stool and sung and played for over 40 years, fronting Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers. He has his own radio show called “The Blues Party” that airs at 1 p.m. on KXJC Sacramento and is streamed worldwide at capradio.org.

The blues—and who doesn’t have the blues, or at least the blahs, these days—are a perfect musical style to get this Saturday night going.

Martin is also a regular performer at the Sacramento Jazz Festival.

His bands have played in concert halls across North America and much of Europe. He has recorded with many well-known artists, Willie Dixon and Freddy King to name but two.

His first professional gig came when he was 19 years old. His band played a show at Sacramento’s Sound Factory, opening for an up-and-coming, strangely-named band from England called Pink Floyd.

Martin’s longest tenured band, Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers, was formed in 1984. Tim Barnes of Stoneground joined in 1991 and famed guitarist Harvey Mandel came aboard in 2000. The Blues Rockers have released over 25 CDs.

Martin is a powerhouse harmonica player. Schooled by years of listening to the greats and playing alongside them, too, Martin is a wizard.

Martin’s guitar playing musical partner Little began playing the blues as an angst-ridden 13-year-old. Fueled by the travails of middle school, Little soon mastered the genre and began playing at the Sacramento Blues Festival and at the State Fair.

Mick Martin

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