Michael LaMacchia

About Michael LaMacchia, Guitarist and prolific composer there is always a buzz in his music with a feeling of freshness and passion.  Bridging musical worlds together he creates a sound that is personal and unique.  He draws from his experiences of Jazz, Brazilian, African, Latin, Classical and Pop. Michael Has 13 Cd’s out, 11 of which are primarily original compositions.  Michael has been lucky enough to the share stage or open for many greats including, Mel Torme, Buddy Guy, John Corbett, Wynton Marsalis, Phil Lesh, Scott Law, Ross James, Gramhe Lesh, Narada Michael Walden, Razz Kennedy, Sandy Griffith, Edo Castro, April Grisman, Elvin Jones, Bob Weir, Greg Loiacono, Austin Willacy, Billy Kruetzman, Kim Nalley, Dann Zinn, Matt Renzi, Alan Hall, Alex Aspinall, Ken Cook, Rob Fordyce, Doug Miller, Cmac, Michael Arragon, Rob Roth, Rashap, Will Blades, Danny Eisenburg, Danny Luehring, Lex Razon, James Moseley, Jim Bove, Andy Dillard, Ezra Lipp, Sean Nelson.

3io  Michael’s approach to music created by his 3io is contemporary but not without it’s acknowledgments to what came before in this tradition.  You’ll hear compositions from the Beatles, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Grateful Dead as well as originals and some name sake traditional artists from the jazz Genre. There’s no shortage of improvisation and these explorations are bound to leave you amazed.  This perhaps is the strongest suit of this trio is there ability to let go, stretch-out musical boundaries and not worry about where it is going.  It’s the edge they seek.  What is unique to their approach is that they leave bread crumbs of subtle sonic hints to keep the listener engaged; Fragments of the melody can be heard, melodies from other songs drift in and out. At times they just drop what they’re doing and do a complete 180 degree musical about face and forge a new composition.

Michael LaMacchia

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