Megan McLaughlin

Megan McLaughlin has been an active voice in the East Bay folk scene for 15 years. By day a kindergarten teacher, this perhaps explains the bigger voice than you expect when she first steps to the mic. Megan writes of real life experiences as well as fantasy, mythic tales of the Goddess and reincarnation, all with a backbeat. With songs too personal and intelligent for popular music and full of the clear, meaningful images of life, she is the quintessential folk singer.
Born in Philadelphia, Megan was inspired to learn guitar by hearing a Bruce Cockburn song on FM radio one day. As a teen, she taught a friend to ride her horse in trade for guitar lessons. She honed her guitar skills busking on the streets of Paris, where she met her future husband, who talked her into visiting California. She moved out the day after college graduation and began studying guitar with Nina Gerber. Many of her songs are written in DADGAD and Orkney tunings, and feature percussive, new turns on the acoustic tradition.
At home in may different musical styles, Megan has recently been found playing Celtic music and dancing at Ceili sessiuns, studying fingerstyle guitar and adding Irish repertoire to her shows. She is joined on stage with cellist Patty Espeseth, who can be heard on the live album.
Megan McLaughlin

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