Lucky Ol' Bones

Lucky Ol' Bones began in the winter of 2015 as some friends who wanted to get together Thursday nights and play Pogues' covers. Over the next several months the lineup rounded out to seven members, incorporating mandolin, tin whistle, banjo, and bagpipes into their songs. The band's set expanded to include high energy renditions of traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs, and they began writing originals with different influences such as ska, eastern European folk, and other styles.

They've shared the stage with nationally-known acts such as Rum Rebellion and the Toasters, and are veterans of the Cotati Accordion Festival. During the Covid lockdown, Lucky Ol' Bones produced a video for the Social Distanced Live project and recorded an EP of original songs which they plan to release in 2023.

One thing to expect from a Lucky Ol' Bones show is dancing. This is not a quiet combo for your happy hour. This is a get-the-people-on-their-feet party band that will bring your beer garden, dive bar, or festival to life.
Lucky Ol' Bones

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