Lee Vandeveer Band

The Lee Vandeveer Band brings a wide variety of musical and
artistic influences together to create a rockin' American Fusion sound that blend’s blues, psychedelic rock, country and elements of jazz into a powerful bundle that gets your body moving. We acknowledge that all music is derived from oppressed cultures and we support BLM though local and national action and through financial reparations. 

Lee Vandeveer’s songs and lyrics invite the listener on a journey through biographical tales of joy, sorrow and resistance. A musical landscape that explores the intersection of love, longing, loss, and resurrection.  Lee’s vocals are delivered with the power and honesty of someone who’s lived it. 

Bay area musician, Chipley Trombley (drums/vocals) brings an infectious, joyful rhythm to the music. With a broad musical background and love for many musical styles, he “paints” with his sticks on the LVB musical canvas. He has also contributed his arranging skills to several of the LVB compositions and brought some of his own songs into the mix, as well. 

Bassist/vocalist, Baylee Russell brings their groove sensibilities to the music and delivers a fat sound that lays a deep pocket and foundation for the LVB sound.  Along with their skills as a bassist, their strong melodic sensibility has contributed to co-creating songs with Lee for the band. 

Guitarist/vocalist, Ryan Weiss, brings an edgy and powerful guitar sound to the LVB.  Ryan’s strong sense of melody and keen ear for arrangements, as well as enthusiasm for many musical styles, make him a valuable addition to the LVB. Couple that with a great voice and Cheshire cat grin and you’ll want to see him play! 

From the heat of the hills to the cool of the coast,  you’ll want some of this jam on your toast!  ​
Lee Vandeveer Band

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