Lauren Ashley Galbreath

Born in Texas, my parents will tell you I came into this world belting a wild song.  I grew up with a passion for musical theater, coupled with the music of Janis Joplin, Paul Simon, Bette Midler, and Joni Mitchel: eclectic, eccentric, and exquisite song writing.  I wanted to sing everywhere I went.  Then something happened.

I stopped.  Caged muted bird.  Not making use of our innate human capacity for creating beauty is a recipe for what Carl Jung would call "a dark night of the soul."  It was not until my 20’s when I picked up a guitar and let my voice out of its cage again that I felt like I was coming home.   I traveled to Spain and Thailand.  The further I traveled, the more I sang, the more I began to hear the music in everything:  the way the seasons do their changing thing, how my niece learns to walk, the syncopation of a man's voice just before he dies..........

In May 2013, I launched a successful Indiegogo campaign to record and release my first solo album, “Full of Faith.”  I play music throughout the Bay area, for weddings, in hospice, synagogues, concert venues, and house concerts.

I now live in Petaluma, CA on a goat farm.  I work with adolescents as a Rites of passage facilitator, mindfulness educator, and yoga teacher.  I am committed to helping our youth find THEIR inspired voice to share with the world.  To learn more about my work with teens, please click here.

Lauren Ashley Galbreath

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