Last of a Dyin' Breed

Ryan - Guitar

Ryan lives in Petaluma, CA in Sonoma County where he grew up. His sound and style of music has always been played on a Fender Strat through a Fender tube amp, giving that warm gain tone that sears through the air. As a lead/rhythm guitarist, that’s just the tools that colors the canvas. He truly believes “It’s not the instrument that plays the music, it’s the soul”!

He started playing when he was 13, and has been playing guitar for 33 years. On a ‘56 Fender Strat he got from his grandfather, that was all it took. Being left-handed, he restrung it southpaw. When Ryan was 17, his father bought him the lefty Strat he still plays today. He’s been in several bands over the years and joined Last of a Dyin’ Breed in November of 2019. His tone and style, a mix of Rock/Southern Rock, is what sets him apart, taking you on a journey through his soulful sound.

Last of a Dyin' Breed

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