Keystone Canyon

From the hills and hollers of Northern California comes a country/Americana/bluegrass trio called Keystone Canyon, whose members are longtime friends with decades of experience playing various kinds of music. Imagine old-school country songs, bluegrass and a bit of old-time rock and roll, played on two acoustic guitars and a Fender Precision bass, with three lead singers and three-part harmonies, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from this exciting new trio.  

The members of Keystone Canyon are also part of an electric rockin' country band called Blithedale Canyon that includes pedal steel guitar and sometimes drums. Two of the players – Larry Carlin and Claudia Hampe – also have a duo called Keystone Crossing. With guitarist Gary Bauman also singing lead and harmony, the trio offers up quite the variety in sounds and styles.  

As a result, at any Keystone Canyon show you are likely to hear a melodious mix of Merle, Hank, Johnny, Patsy and Emmylou, along with Creedence, The Mavericks, Neil Young, The Byrds, and the Dead.

Keystone Canyon

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