Jenerator is the Bay Area-based love child of bassist/singer/songwriter Jen Rund. The band’s signature sound is one part lively Americana, one part blues, with side trips into funk, reggae and jam-rock. Original songs bring characters and the Western landscape to life with stories about the open road, the weirdness of being alive, and the joy of making music, interspersed with pointed, yet hopeful, social commentary. Live shows explore expanded jam space, and include choice selections from the catalogues of classic americana/folk/rock, blues, the Dead, Dylan, John Prine, and more.
With the release of their first recording, Home In Here, Jenerator is poised to bring their always fun, exciting sound to ever widening audiences. Listen to the album at, or follow Jenerator on your favorite digital platforms.

Jen Rund:
Jen Rund’s love of making music sings through her bass, both electric and upright. Insatiable in her exploration of music, she has performed and recorded with a wide variety of people and ensembles in both the US and Europe, in genres including: rock, folk, Latin, jazz, R&B, funk, and blues, in venues ranging from clubs to festivals. With her signature melodic, funk-infused sound, she brings a passionate joy of playing to all of her musical endeavors.

Jonny Mojo:
With a foundation in blues, Jonny Mojo transcends genres blending rock, folk, fusion, bluegrass, jam band styles and more. What really shines through in a performance is his heart felt passion for music. Although Jonny’s main instrument is the guitar, he also plays harmonica, bottleneck slide and lapsteel guitars, and mandolin.


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