Jaydub and Dino

Jeff Falconer and Dennis Cordellos are Jaydub and Dino. Those are the childhood nicknames of Glen Ellen resident Jeff Falconer and his Sonoma Valley High School buddy Dennis Cordellos. Dino Cordellos is the fellow playing the splendid lead guitar licks. JayDub Falconer is the vocalist, and no slouch on the guitar himself. Falconer writes the wry and amusing lyrics, while the pair collaborates on the musical compositions.

On stage, they do not pattern themselves after the chatty Smothers Brothers. No, Jaydub and Dino are more like Penn and Teller. JayDub does the talking, handles the interaction with the audience, and does all the singing. Dino is content to perform slight of hand magic on his guitar. Together they put forth sweet songs, at once rhythmical and thought provoking.

Jaydub and Dino

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