Jay Bonet Band

Guitar pickers are a dime a dozen in the Bay Area. You can't spit on the sidewalk without hitting one (or two)... Jay has managed to rise to the top with his own special high octane blend of good ol' American twangin', drinkin', dancin', partyin', ho down music - meets classic 50's rock - ala Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley taken to the next level. Simply put - Drunkabilly.

Original tunes are laced with lyrical wit, and are sure to bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your gut; as well as a few classic covers.

     Jay's guitar picking is sure to appeal to all. The energy, feeling, and passion he puts into playing is something to behold. Guitar players frequently line up at the end of the show to ask questions about equipment, and tech stuff etc.

Buckaroo is backed up by the duo from the depths of the Devil's den; his highly competent band. Ms. Angeline Saris on Bass and Mr Buddy "Peanut" Cass on Drums round out this TRIO making them a real triple threat.

This show is sure to appeal to all: it's radical enough to attract young twenty somethings, and traditional enough that Buckaroo has an older following as well. It's common to see people in their young twenties partying down and cutting loose with couples sixty years and above at a Jay Bonet show. A great time is sure to be had by all!

Jay Bonet Band

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