Jasper Henry

Jasper Henry hails from Los Angeles and is currently associated with THF Records as his production support. He is composed of his unconventionality and quirk that is so conspicuous in his music that it puts together an individualistic auditory scope for itself. Alternative pop is a spectrum of limitless opportunities that together with his interpretations has received an official proprietor. Some of his other songs include ‘Underneath’, ‘For Miles’, ‘Back to the Moon’ and ‘A World We Could Know’ that also reflect his perspectives with an edgy facet.

Pop has evolved all through its course with various artists incorporating their distinct styles and musical patterns to give the genre profound creative independence. In the music video ‘Gold Mines’, Jasper Henry too has found his sound in the dark tenors of his vocal and sound intensities. With a newly released EP doing its round around various charts, he is also ready to give the world answers to deep-rooted questions through his two new music videos. From the construction of songs to the final finish with various musical elements playing integral roles in the collective framework, he has accomplished it all.

Jasper Henry

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