James the Weak

My name is Tommy…but James the Weak is a F$&KING badass. Simply put, he is a singer/songwriter, producer former guitar tech/roadie, and creator of his own authentic, eclectic sound inspired by a variety of vintage, classic, modern and blues rock, reggae, RnB, Soul and Funk. Starting and residing in Northern California, at 12 years old he began taking drum lessons and at 15 years old he borrowed his dad’s guitar to impress a girl at his high school. To put it less simply, this event would change the course of his life and begin the musical obsession that would drive long nights studying old music, attending concerts and teaching himself how to write songs on guitar. During forming various bands in Northern California in attempt to capture his unique and original sound, he had started teaching himself to record & produce songs & attending classes to learn music theory. Shortly after touring the United States as a guitar tech & stage manager for Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, “James the Weak” music was born.

James music is the concept of humility and an expression of balance through confession and a true need make and live great Art. James the Weak music is loyal and most important, Free. James music is independent and honest. James music guitar based "garage" rhythm & blues with modern drums and nostalgic melodies. James music is genre bending compositions accompanied by his melancholic and poetic lyricism. James music kinda like Tommy’s music but without the constraint of self-doubt and ego.

James the Weak

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