GG Amos

This is GG Amos !

Electrifying, Innovative, Soulful

GG Amos has entertained audiences
her entire life, but she’s made blues
and blues guitar her specialty
for the past 35 years.

Concert halls, nightclubs, roadhouses, restaurants, festivals, parties, wineries,
weddings and wakes . . she’s played them all!

She’s known as a riveting, electrifying performer and unique songwriter and arranger, focusing on the west coast blues style– a blend of blues, jazz, funk and latin elements. Her guitar playing and voice
are both fluid and lyrical.
Soul jazz has also become part of her repertoire.

Her 10-song all-original album project, Content Under Pressure, is currently in production and fans can still help support completion through PayPal or the U.S. Mail.

GG's original single, West Coast, a tribute to the genre and the late Johnny Heartsman,
is available here and streaming outlets.

Her recent single, Side By Side, also here, 
is a modern re-arrangement of a classic
1920's hit, done in a funky, jazzy way.

You can also hear and buy 8 more hot tunes from her previous release Gotts Ta Go!. 

The *GG Amos Band* or organ trio *The GG3* are available for events of any kind.
If sultry, jazzy, funky, soulful blues or r&b
are what you’re looking for . .
she and her band will bring it!

GG Amos

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