Gary Blackburn


Like most artists, music has been his passion for a very long time. As a youngster, listening to his heroes that shaped and influenced him into what he is now, Gary still looks to have his own personal style. When you listen to his songs, Gary's intention is that "Gary Blackburn" comes across, instead of, "Hey he sounds like whatshisname". It has been a very long journey from his early days of playing at friend's parties and wedding ceremonies to the present. Now Gary feels like he can say, "I have paid my dues to sing the blues". Those few close friends who know Gary will understand that, and when he gets up on stage you can see, feel, and hear the emotion when he performs. Okay, enough of the tortured artist. As a Singer/Songwriter, Gary brings together his smooth vocals and stylized guitar picking to form his own unique sound in the Country, Blues, Rock genre. With such influences from James Taylor, Todd Rungren, to Hank Williams Sr. Developing his own personal style to his originals, blending old school with contemporary, along with an intimate and emotional stage presence, you will no doubt connect with his musical performance. Originally from the San Joaquin Valley in central California, just north of Merle's home and the Bakersfield Sound, Gary moved to Santa Cruz in the late 70's to further his music career. He was front man for bands performing in the Monterey Bay area: the Blackburn-Dadd Band, Trigger Happy, Fools Paradise, the Western Flyers, and UTURN, to name a few, playing the local clubs. Gary can do solo performances with just his vocals and guitar as well. Currently, Gary is front man in the Gary Blackburn Band  a vocalist and lead/rhythm guitarist in his fun roots Country Rock, Americana with an Edge dance band playing familiar covers and a few originals, performing at local clubs and music venues throughout the California Central Coast. So, he can perform the softer folk, country, blues solo gig, or put a band together and Rock It Out!

Gary Blackburn

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