Gail Muldrow

Gail Muldrow offers an irresistible mixture of blues, funk, soul, r&b, rock, grunge, heavy metal ... you name it. For Gail there are no boundaries and she knows how to blend all those musical genres into one original Gail Muldrow style. Subsequently she belongs to those great Bay Area musicians who are difficult to place into one category. She is definitely a musician's musician and for those who heard her play and sing, another example for the fact that good music isn't necessarily always to be found on radio or music television. Just to change that, Gail's music deserves much more attention.

Very early in life Gail, who is a native San Franciscan, picked up the guitar and played on Sly Stone's album "High On You" in 1975 - then known as Cousin Gale. Since that time Gail Muldrow has been an important fixture in the SF music scene. She has also become a member of the Family Stone - not in the sense that she played on any of the other Sly and the Family Stone albums during Sly's time - but she is a driving force in bringing back together what remains of the Family Stone in various combinations. She has been a member of Family Without Stone around 1989 and in 2004 she joined The Family Stone Experience aka Life: The First Family of Funk - featuring former Family Stone members Gregg Errico and Jerry Martini. The latter says that "Gail Muldrow is one of the finest singers and entertainers anywhere in the world". With that connection it is pretty obvious that Gail's guitar playing involves a lot of funk. Although she has not been a member of Sly and the Family Stone in the 70s, she has been a member of Graham Central Station then for two years and is featured on the 1977 album "Now Do U Wanta Dance". In addition Gail played with famous funk musicians like Princeand Chaka Kahn (a complete list of Gail's collaborations can be found on her MySpace page).

Gail Muldrow

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