Fly By Train

Fly by Train is a musical journey. A steady foot tapping, hand clapping ride through the Appalachian mountains, round the curves of the great lakes, the salty shores of the Atlantic, the subways of new York, the subtle harmonies of the deep south, the raspy winds of the desert, the chattering chill of the Sierras, to the magical music of the Northern California Coast. Our guides follow on the tracks of the poets, storytellers, misfits, vagabonds, circus acts, starlets, hobos and hippies, telling us tales of love and loss, perseverance and hope! They play train songs and break up songs to put it simply. They believe that music should make you happy. The rhythm of the railroad embodied by Fly by Train, will do just that.

Their sound is a blend of Jeremy Ramsiers heartfelt grumble and dynamic acoustic strumming balanced by Regynn Lessers resonating, visceral, power pipes and energetic spirit. Bob Pittman brings his punk rock pop rhythm and infectious laughter, on bass, while Brad Fullmer electrifies with his howling licks and untouchable leads. The steady driving heartbeat of Mario Pimentals energetic drumming and the mysterious melodies weaved by Jeff Venice’s slide guitar complete this distinctive group.

The band was formed in 2014 by Jeremy Ramsier, a long time host of many Sonoma county open mics and former band member of Soggy Biscuit and John Emery and the Dry County Drinkers. Each member of the band jumped aboard at an open mic, Regynn in Penngrove, Brad in Fairfax, Bob at the Black Cat, Mario in Cotati and finally Jeff Venice in Petaluma. Together they form a multi genre, eclectic mesmerizing adventure of scream in your face rock to haunting traditional folk lullabies. You can hear all 6 of them rocking in a rowdy roadhouse on a Friday Night, or happen upon their almost acoustic quartet playing in a local wine bar or beer garden on a sunday afternoon. Their Train is just as entertaining with 3 cars or 10. Call them roots, rock, jam-ericana, folk-grass, or California country, no matter the name, it is sure to be a fun ride.

Fly By Train

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