Fleetwood Macramé

Fleetwood Macramé has become one of the Bay Area's most exciting tribute bands. What began as a simple exercise in fun has turned into an awe inspiring live experience complete with show stopping renditions of Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits. Audience participation is encouraged, and Bay Area crowds are coming in droves to sing along with Fleetwood Macramé. What's more, they sound so much like Fleetwood Mac, if you closed your eyes, you would think it was the real thing. Only it's better, because you are in the front row!

Linda Moody

Linda Moody (aka Stevie Nicks), singer/guitarist of tribute bands Fleetwood Macramé and Proud Mary and original bands, Chaos Fiction and Excuses For Skipping, also doubles as a neo-folk singer/songwriter  in San Francisco, Ca. Her  acoustic music has been likened to Joni Mitchell with vivid imagery, sweet falsetto vocals and dark guitar tunings. Her newest work, a full length album entitled "Angel Island Is On Fire" is available here. 


Find her music on Spotify or here: https://excusesforskipping.com/

Jai Bird

Jai Bird (aka Mick Fleetwood) has been playing drums ever since she was a kid in Austin, Texas. After moving to San Francisco, she has played in many bands including The Patsychords (A Tribute To Patsy Cline). Currently she also plays drums in Proud Mary, a CCR tribute band.

Tori Fulkerson- Jones

Tori Fulkerson-Jones (aka John McVie) plays bass for Fleetwood Macramé and Proud Mary. She is also the bassist of San Francisco-based bands Chaos Fiction and Excuses For Skipping.  Before moving to San Francisco, Tori performed, recorded, and toured with groups from Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA. She studied music at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

Owen Adair Kelley

Owen Adair Kelley (Lindsey Buckingham) hails from Columbus, Ohio, where he studied classical and jazz guitar. After moving to the bay area in 2010, he established himself as an adept guitarist, bassist, and performer. He is a member of Cash Pony, Fine Points and Sleepy Sun. His first album, Even Still, was released in August of 2016, Followed by Full Alpine Lace in 2019. Check out his music here.

Madeline Tasquin Streicek

Madeline Tasquin Streicek (Christine McVie) is a multifaceted musician originally hailing from a small logging town in BC, Canada that she's sure you've never heard of. The daughter of a prospector and an opera singer, Madeline accidentally made Oakland her homebase in 2006 when she arrived for a "6 month long" exchange program in architecture and quickly stumbled into a life in Music. You can hear her voice on recordings with Fantastic Negrito, Beats Antique, Whiskerman, Tea Leaf Green, Antioquia, Dan Cantrell, Montreal's Bernard Adamus, and many more. But her main squeeze is writing & recording her own harmonically-lush songs under the moniker Madeline Tasquin.


After performing all over the world, both in supportive roles and fronting her own DIY bands, she couldn't be happier or readier to be welcomed into the Fleetwood Macramé family, in the role of Christine McVie!!


Visit the Madeline Tasquin Multiverse to hear her music (and learn about how musical you are) --> www.madelinetasquin.com

Fleetwood Macramé

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