Elima Five

5 individuals, from 5 different backgrounds, who play an eclectic range of music from Traditional & Contemporary Hawaiian to Pop/Soul, R&B, and Rock. Throw in some Blues and Funk, and we'll break it down!

Superb vocals combined with the driving beat of Arroyo Drums, the rhythmic energy of Dahlo’s Bass. Elima provides a harmonic and unique blend of music and vocals, wrapped up and delivered with melodic lines of sizzling lead and smooth rhythm guitars.

Our diverse background in music (from Rock, Musical Theatre, Hawaiian, Blues etc.) allows us to explore an eclectic range of genres and keeps us continuously growing as musicians. There's a little something for everyone in our music.



Sherrell-Lee, Lead Vocalist: A born and raised California native of Hawaiian, Chamorro, and Asian descent. She has been performing Hawaiian music for over 15 yrs and also performs in Musical Theatre as well as various solo projects throughout the Bay Area. Sherrell-Lee is greatly influenced by her grandfather Edwin Mang Sook Lee, who as a child and during her visits to Hawaii, would play ukulele and sing at all family events.  Her other musical inspirations are Bette Midler, Etta James, and Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes.

Kevin Lam, Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Vocals: Local boy from the island of Oahu who's love of music began after learning a few Ka'au Crater Boys tunes on ukulele and acoustic guitar from a close cousin, but it wasn't until a Fender Strat called to him from a pawn shop window, that his interest in music intensified. After spending most of his music career rocking venues such as: the living room, bedroom, garage, and backyard, he's had opportunities to play in a few Hawaiian bands covering a wide range of music genres allowing him to continue to grow as a musician. Music preferences and favorite artist change on a weekly basis...

Waddy Dacay, Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Born and raised on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, of Polynesian descent. Attended art school in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a Senior Marketing Artist in the Video Game Industry.  Waddy has performed with other Bay Area bands. He visits Kauai during the year to see family and friends. His music inspirations are SRV, Muddy Waters, BB King, T-Bone Walker, Albert King and Joe Bonamassa. His favorite genres are Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Reggae.

Vince Arroyo, Drums/Cajon/Percussion/Vocals: Marching to the beat of his own drums, Vince found his rock when as a child, he fell in love with the intricate sounds he heard upon hitting empty glasses, cups, walls, tables, tub water, his friend's heads, you name it, with screwdrivers, hairbrushes, silverware and his toys. He especially liked playing air drums with his batman mobile-car as a drum stick, it gave him a sense of belonging in a world... Vince is a percussionist who enjoys making loud sounds with his sticks and hands but no longer screwdrivers on his grade school drum set AND super-duper cajon. He is passionate about design and is immersed in the world of technology.

Dahlo, Bass/Vocals: From busking in the streets of South America as a teenager playing the Cuatro, to trying on new instruments for size (Saxophone/Drums), it was the powerful sound and vibration of the bass guitar that finally captured Dahlo’s heart and soul! Since 2012, Dahlo has continued to hone her bass skills and performed music in almost every genre. In addition to music, Dahlo is an award-winning designer and illustrator, and continues to create mixed media fine art.

Elima Five

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