Elena Lambertson

Elena Lambertson is a singer/songwriter residing in San Francisco. Growing up around Santa Cruz, she spent a lot of time echoing her tunes off of redwood canopies and sitting at the shores of the Pacific, crafting her inner reflections into storytelling songs.

When she performs, her instrumentation changes regularly between acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, ukulele and harmonica. The result is reminiscent of the vintage, ramblin' cowgirl style of Gillian Welch blended with a sparse, reverb-drenched angst like that of Cat Power.

At 20 years old, armed with one microphone and Garageband, Elena began recording on her own. Day by day she recorded at her writing desk overlooking green-hued, fog-cloaked meadows. After a couple months she self-produced her first 3 song EP aptly named The Aptos Sessions after her hometown, where it was recorded. She released the songs to SoundCloud while watching an airport sunrise, setting off to backpack through Europe where she would play her music across several countries before settling into the lively music scene of Haight Ashbury.

Elena Lambertson

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