Electric Funeral

This Ultimate OZZY Sabbath era band formed in 2001. Driven by his love for.Tony Iommi.. and ..Black Sabbath.., ..Electric Funeral.. was the vision of Heavy Metal guitarist Tim Graham. But the man who once met ..Ozzy.. on a sidewalk in L.A. did not guess that his efforts to recruit band members would turn up ..Skitzo.. front man, ..Lance Ozanix.., a veteran ..Ozzy.. impersonator since 1988. 2012 Bassist is Dave Delicio of Holy-Role-model and Gweedo the Killer Pimp.. hired former ..Outrage.. and ..Ashen Idol.. drummer, ..Liz Say.

Did you see ..Black Sabbath.. in 1979? Now you can!
The set list:....War Pigs..Paranoid..Iron Man......Electric Funeral..Children Of The Grave..Symptom Of The Universe..Sabbath Bloody Sabbath..The Wizard..Behind The Wall Of Sleep..NIB..Into The Void..Snowblind..Cornucopia..Lord Of This World..Killing Yourself To Live..After Forever..Sweet Leaf..Lord Of This World..Spiral Architect..Hand of Doom....Did we overlook your favorite ..Sabbath.. song? Just let us know!

Electric Funeral

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