Edgardo Cambón & Candela

Edgardo & Candela (better known simply as Candela) has been a fixture in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 26 years, making them one of the longest running Salsa bands in the state of California. Candela is a Latin big band that prides itself on maintaining the integrity of the musical genre known as Salsa, whether playing in full ensemble or as a smaller cast. The band is well-loved for their signature exciting live shows, tight instrumentation and smooth vocals. Candela is also one of the few Latin bands to feature a guitar player, giving them additional dynamic range.

With such a long reign, Candela is proud to feature many of the Bay Area’s top musicians as regular members and guest contributors, putting their own unique spin on well known classics, as well as a stable of original hits.

Edgardo Cambón & Candela

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