Mimi Pirard

French-American singer, Mimi Pirard, has a passion for reviving songs from times gone by as sung by Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, and their contemporaries. She started singing as a teenager in France, learning to harmonize melodies and take leading roles performing traditional and contemporary French songs. Mimi has sung in a variety of other bands such as Hand Me Down (Latin-afro-world), Mission Hot Club (gypsy jazz), and currently interprets timeless French classics with SonoMusette (French café).

magali sanscartier

Magali Sanscartier is from Quebec, Canada and grew up with both French (mother) and “Quebecois” (father) culture. She started playing the violin at 4 with classical training. Magali fell in love with east European Romani music at 13 when she had to learn a piece called Hungarian dances (from composer Johannes Brahms). From then on, her interest for “gypsy”, jazz, and world music grew more and more. Magali started playing in local bands in Canada at 20 years old and hasn’t stopped playing live since then. Currently Magali plays for a few Bay area bands such as Barrio Manouche (Monterey jazz festival, Stern Grove, SF Jazz) Dgiin, (multiple Sonoma venues) and as a guest with Spanish duo Dos Bandoleros.

james Inciardi

Jimi Inciardi has the music bug. There’s no cure for it. He probably caught it from Charlotte, his mom, starting in the womb. She played the piano and sang, and sang, and she was happy. Jimi started bangin’ on the piano as soon as he could climb up on the bench (good ol’ dad bought him his own and put it in the basement). Flash forward through years of lessons, school band (that’s when the sax started), endless jamming, busking everywhere, bands, bands, bands, practice, practice, practice. Then one day he stopped in at a bar for a beer, and this band called Dgiin was playing the most amazing blend of world music. Of course he had his magic sax, and voila, he became a Dgiin. Hourra!

jomial jones

Jomial "Shinobi-1" Allen-Jones, first began his path in music under his father, Djovida, who was a Professional Mix and Broadcast Engineer as well as DJ in the 70/80's. Growing up in the audio world, Jomial began honing his ear for music from countless hours of listening to sessions, DJing small parties, and raiding his parents' music collections. As a budding hip-hop artist/producer, he started playing Electric Bass to get his ideas for basslines recorded and soon after fell into the rabbit hole. Fusion/Rock/Jazz was the biggest influence from his father. Acts like Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, Shakti, John Mclaughlin, as well as Funk greats like James Brown, Parliament, Funkadelic, Brother's Johnson and Tower of Power, were large in shaping his feeling and approach on bass. He is the owner of Shinobi-1 Entertainment, a Music Production studio. Other projects include/included: Playground (House, Funk, Electronica), Sessions Band (Hip-Hop, Reggae), Kayatta (Hip-Hop Artist), Oso Cali (Hip-Hop Artist), B-1 (Rock), BRTHR (Hip-Hop/Electronica), Delwin-G (Hip-Hop), Hungry 4 Beats (DJ Collective).

Zach Morris

Zachary comes from a childhood where music was always available. From Jimi  Hendrix to Fleetwood Mac records on his dad’s turntables, to starting to learn to play on one of his great grandfather’s hand built fiddles at age 5. His passion became drums when he joined the 5th grade band and his teacher threw the baton straight at his head for his endless tapping of rhythm during lectures. He dodged the baton of course. 

Zachary has an extensive performance list from local to international stages. Some notable concerts include "A Tribute to Sun Ra" with trumpeter and ambassador of Jazz, Eddie Gale. One of Zachary's early projects opened to a sold out crowd with hip-hop legends, Run-DMC. Zachary has also studied the art of jazz drums and improvisation with masters such as Wadada Leo Smith, Charlie Haden, Dave Roitstein, Joe LaBarbera, Mike Clark, and Aron Serfaty and the California institute for the Arts in Los Angeles. During his time there, his composition, "Hunting Accident", was chosen for the Capitol Records recording project out of over 50 other submissions. He currently is working on a dub project called Crater Station, ambient loops with Ruti Celli in 432hz and just completed a free jazz record with his group The Zell Morris Trio. 

Gabe Pirard

blablablou le bli bli.


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