David Thompson

I characterize my music as "A Dysfunctional Adult Contemporary Marriage of the Electric and Acoustic Blues Rock of the Doors and an Analysts Couch". It's my abstract musical obsession reflecting the stories and fantasies of many years playing, writing and living music. It's What I Do!!!

I have been involved in the music business as a singer/songwriter, guitarist/bass player, band leader/sideman for many years as a single or in duos, trios and larger acts. I have been a part of the playing, writing, recording and producing of several of these acts, but since 1995 have concentrated on my own writing and the recording of material that I have created. This has allowed me to complete and put out 4 CDs of original songs. 'Rider', 'Ride On', 'Any Questions?!!' and 'Renegade Radio'. I appear as 'David Thompson & RIDER' in a band context and have opened for REO Speedwagon and a local signed act, MadSide, as well as several lesser known unsigned acts. Two of my songs 'Lookin' For My Baby' and 'Keep My Lovin' Alive' have been played on the ABC daytime drama 'All My Children' a total of 9 times on 8 episodes since July 14th, '03.
While I record in a band context, all songs are easily performed acoustically since that's primarily how I write. This allows me to do shows by myself or as a duo with a lead player and I have had the great pleasure of opening for Lydia Pense & Cold Blood in that context. I have always enjoyed performing with a full band, but, in recent years I have redirected my focus and embraced the additional pleasure of performing my songs as a singer/songwriter and the greater intimacy and connection with the audience that it provides. I can actually see eyes and expressions, which makes the performance more enjoyable for me and by extension for the audience. This is the direction I am currently persuing and you can follow along by viewing the videos posted on this site.
I will update my adventures for all of you as they happen. Enjoy my music.

David Thompson

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