David Field

Who is guitarist David Field?

"There are plenty of guitar gunslingers who have nothing to say from the heart, and that's ultimately what matters most to me. (With David’s music), I hear genuine personal expression. The music is graceful."

-William Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records

Take a ride on a musical magic carpet. Let these sounds give you a positive lift and transport you to a relaxing, peaceful place that washes away the cares of the world.

David Field is a solo guitar instrumentalist with a romantic and flowing style. Over the decades he has learned to perfectly adapt his classical training to fingerstyle guitar playing. The combination is hypnotic.

Residing in beautiful Sonoma County, California, David has performed as a professional guitarist in venues throughout Northern California, both as a soloist and with various ensembles.

He loves playing a combination of well-loved covers and original acoustic guitar compositions -- all designed to soothe your spirit.

David’s album, “Wordless Poetry”, features nineteen solo guitar arrangements of contemporary classics and original songs.

David Field

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