Danny Luehring

Dan Luehring, A first call Drummer form Denver Colorado, now residing in San Francisco California. He began playing the drums at the tender age of 5 by beating on his KISS lunchbox. 40 now, Dan still beats on a lunchbox occasionally. A lover of Rock n Roll, Dan draws on a great deal of influence from this genera. Such as the playing of, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Ringo, Charlie Watts... Other Drummers that have inspired Luehring greatly are: Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Buddy Miles, Steve Ferrone, Stanton Moore, ?uestlove, Dave Weckl... And the list goes on and on...
Here's the short list of bands that Dan has played shows with: Tiny Television, Sioux City Kid, The Easy Leaves, Victoria George, Elliot Randall, Acacia,The Shadow Sessions, The Brian Jordan Trio, Terrapin All-stars, LSW, Jen Korte and the Loss, John Common, Judge Roughneck, The Byron Shaw Projex, Cocktail Revolution, The Freddi Hinchi Band, Buck Wild, Barnstorm, Greenfield, Jessica Sonner, Octopus Nebula, Schmocter, The Gary Players, The DLP, The Sputter, The Love Royal, Science Partner and many more.
Playin from the purest place possible, the heart. Dan is a deep pocket player with a true love for playing and recording all styles of music.
Danny Luehring

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