The Crankshaft history goes back to 2005. Brent had the idea to form a new band again. He asked Ben and Marijn, two guys he knew from school, whether they were interested. They immediately said yes and the band name Crankshaft came up and sounded nice. Ben started writing the first songs and within a year we had six own songs finished. But we still needed a bass player. A whole year long we were searching without result… But finally we found Dennis to complete our setup. The first gig took place at the 16th of September in 2006. Since that day we play our own songs, that consist of some ballad-like guitar songs and some more hard rocking songs with sometimes a sniff of thrash metal. We also play a few covers. The 30th of November 2007, we released our first demo-cd called “The ignition”. The demo contained seven songs that were recorded at our rehearsal room with low budget recording stuff… At the end of 2008, our bassplayer Dennis was replaced by Ken. He performed for the first time with us the 13th of December 2008. In September 2009 we recorded our second demo-cd, called “Black smoke four stroke”. And we played two demo release shows on the 19th en 20th of February in 2010. In 2010 and further we’ll still make our own music and we’ll try to bang the heads of the guys and shake the asses of the lovely ladies in the crowd. Thanks for your support! CRANKSHAFT

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