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Xochitl began her music journey in womb. Her parents met playing music themselves, and when expecting their first child, placed headphones over her mothers belly blasting anything from Mozart to Beatles. She first picked up violin, then piano, followed by guitar and finally songwriting. Xochitl wrote her first song ‘The Chico Song’ at age 17. Xochitl didn’t discover her voice until attending choir in high school.

When attending Sacramento City College for business, Xochitl felt and overwhelming need to walk out of her math class. “I just remember a voice telling me, if I don’t do it now, I never will.” Xochitl walked out of that class and never looked back.She continued to write songs a grew a small fanbase in Sacramento playing at Lunas, Naked Lounge, and many other locations every weekend while working 3 jobs. Her first EP ‘Lion Heart’ hit iTunes “Top Singer-songwriter & Top New EP Charts’ when released February 2014.

Xochitl is now a full time musician playing various private shows, festivals, corporate meetings, activism events, and continues to promote her music through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Her music has taken her multiple tours including the south, east coast, and 6 west coast tours. She writes a variety of music; country, jazz, pop, childrens, and instrumental.

Coyote Creates

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