Kick-Yer-Ass, ALL Chick, Punk Rock 'N' Roll Band 
From the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. 
Chix-Pack is a bunch of Kick-Ass CHIX playing all-ORIGINAL Punk Rock "N" Roll tunes! 
Singing about: 
Life/Death...Junkies/Crackheads..Uncontrollable Destinys...Losing Limbs...Dumb-Ass Bitches Fighting/Loving..Tattoos.Gettin' Drunk..Growing up on the Streets of San Francisco/Oakland Murder/Suicide...Lust/Love/Hate...Skaters/Rock N Rollers..Satan/Clowns 
Giving Trees/Snakes that can only take 'cuz they have nothing to give! 

The song-writer and Chix-Pack originator I-lean, has devoted her song writing and guitar playing to turning thee uglyness of life into a beautifull All-Chick, Kick-ass, Punk Rock N Roll Band & a CHIX-PACK with a PACT! 
Influenced by Old-School Punk Rock , Rock "N" Roll , Metal , Country and their Trials/Tribulations, Chix-Pack notoriously and infamously trys to break the stereotypical and negative connotation mold surrounding female musicians. 
Many women are not known for playing their instruments or writing their own material. There are, unfortunatley, more known as Sex Objects choreographically dancing around, singing and exposing their Money-Makers, 'cuz Sex Sells, who are we kidding here!?! 
*Kick Yer Ass, Old-skool, All-Chick Punk Rock'N'Roll Band*

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