Chip Boaz

Hi, I’m Chip and I play bass. I also enjoy composing, writing, and trying to understand myself through the reflection of music. These interests have been with me for decades, forming the foundation of a journey that I feel is just beginning.

I’ve spent years refining my voice in a variety of traditional contexts, with an emphasis on jazz and Afro-Cuban music. I’ve done this live throughout the years, playing with different musicians in salsa bands, jazz groups, pop projects, and more. I’ve also recorded a bit of my own work, which you can find on the music page.

These days, I’ve shifted my focus towards solo bass playing. I’m approaching this idea through a variety of different directions, and I feel like I’m creating some of the most honest music of my life. The best place to follow this new journey is my Patreon page, where I’m sharing everything I do. You’ll find recordings, journals, and vlogs that take you on the journey with me. The most important part of the Patreon model is that you’re an active participant in the musical evolution.

Because the biggest lesson that I’ve learned through my years of music is the most important part of the experience is not the musical medium, it’s the community of people that join you on the journey. It’s about the the experience that the people have while listening to the music and the conversations that ensue. And I’d love for you to be a part of that.

Chip Boaz

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