Charged Particles

The most exciting and creative music being made today crosses stylistic boundaries and blends diverse traditions to create engaging new sounds.  Charged Particles features three of the country's virtuosos doing just that in the acoustic and electric jazz arena.  Murray Low is a keyboard wizard with dazzling Latin-jazz technique and imaginative improvisational skills.  Aaron Germain is an inventive and sophisticated acoustic and electric bassist.  Along with fiery drummer Jon Krosnick, these players are making some of the most electrifying jazz in the country today.

The trio's funky Latin jazz repertoire, blending in elements of classical music, mixes complex orchestration with freewheeling improvisation.  The band brings a similar approach to playing their own arrangements of jazz standards, each played with a new twist. 

All of the trio's music has a distinctly acoustic sensibility, despite the members playing both acoustic and electric acoustic instruments.  The group's hallmark is sensitivity and spontaneity among the players, making each performance a spontaneous group exploration.   The band's energy level is always high, even when they are cooking at a volume no louder than a whisper, or floating through the melody of a romantic ballad.   Watching the group, it’s obvious that they have fun playing together and admire each other’s musical instincts.
Charged Particles

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